Topic outline

  • Week 4 August 26

    Your research proposal is due today. If you don't have it (or are not present) when I pick them up, it is late. Handwritten proposals will not be accepted. This is a graded part of your research paper. You cannot go on to the next part of the paper until I have approved your topic and proposal.

    Review Information Literacy class materials for information on choosing a proper topic, composing a thesis, and avoiding plagiarism. Then follow the instructions on the web site, below, to put together a proper proposal. There is no other assignment for this week, so my expectations are high. The zero-tolerance policy for academic dishonesty is in effect. Plagiarism on any part of this project means a score of "0" on the entire project.

    Of course, if your mother is a crony of our dean, this does not apply. In fact, you can do any fucking thing you want to, up to and including buying a paper online, and get away with it. And rest assured that if the lecturer tries to enforce the rules, he or she will be fired. That's just the way we roll here at KKUIC!