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          Read in the material under the heading "Theoretical perspectives on Migrations" in Chapter One, and carefully review the terms at the end of the chapter.

          • Meeting 5

            Read chapter 3 in the text up to the heading "Migrations and Upheavals of the 20th Century" (IOW, you may stop when you get to this heading).

            • Meeting 6

              Finish reading Chapter on Historical Migration

              • meeting 7

                Chapter 3 up to the Heading "Employer expectations, stereotyping, and segmented labour markets" (Stop when you reach this heading.)  

                Note: It is a moderately large reading selection, so start reading it now and try to read a little every day.

                • Meeting 8

                  Finish reading chapter 3

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                    • Topic 10

                      Read chapter 6 in your text. Due Monday, Nov 14. The quiz will cover material from this reading.

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